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The Hutch

This is where I keep my plot bunnies. Someday, maybe I'll actually turn these into stories. In the mean time, if you are one of the two people actually reading this and something here inspires your muse, feel free to indulge. If you do write something inspired by one of these bunnies, please include a link in a comment.

1. Jayne/Kaylee In the Firefly pilot it is obvious that Jayne has a thing for Kaylee. In the dinner scene, when Kaylee starts flirting with the Doc Jayne lashes out with a hurtful comment. When Kaylee is shot, Jayne looks to be ready to hill Dobson and only the preacher saves his life. And most telling, as Kaylee lies unconscious in med bay, the camera pans and lingers on Jayne standing vigil outside the window. The bunny: Rewrite the "important" scenes from the Firefly Pilot from Jayne's perspective. Extra credit: do the same for episodes of the series. Remember, Jayne can't compete with the Doc on brains so his choices are bullying or removing the Doc from the picture.

2. Book/Tams Shepard book wasn't always a preacher(Serenity). In the last war and the days after he was an Operative for the Parliament. River Tam has reached the extent of what the Academy can do to her. In fact since she killed her psychologist (River Tam Files) they have reached a wall with her development. She is too unstable to continue in the program but represents too big of an investment to have destroyed. Dr XX (Serenity) in charge of the program comes up with a plan to remove her from the Academy, her brother who has been trying to get to her for 2 years provides him with an unwitting accomplice. Dr XX knows that if the extraction works he will need someone to keep track of the pair and provide him with updates on River's condition. Dr XX still believes that she can be molded into the weapon they desire. Book is his chosen agent and is recruited out of retirement. He leaves the southtown abbey that morning with the instructions to find a brother and sister traveling together and the knowledge he has booked passage for himself and his "cargo" on a firefly transport.

Doctor Who
1. Doctor/Susan/Master Timelords are created by and spring fully adult from the loom (DW Books). As every new Timelord needs mentoring and guidance they are assigned to a guardian upon hatching. As these are not true parents (the parent of every Timelord is the loom) and as most of these mentors are several hundred years old when they are selected for this duty the title Grandfather/Grandmother is commonly used to represent this relationship. Susan, granddaughter to the Timelord known as the Doctor, was in her tenth year at the academy when she met the Timelord who would become known as the Master. As marriages for political means were common among the great houses of Gallifrey and the union between Susan's house and the Master's house was politically expedient, their union was encouraged by the elders of both houses. The Doctor deemed the Master unworthy for his granddaughter and fought the union. He went to Susan and demanded that she choose between himself and the Master. Susan chose her grandfather. As breaking the decrees of the House elders would make them both outcasts in timelord society the Doctor and Susan fled Gallifrey. The Master humiliated by this vowed to prove to the Doctor that he was worthy of Susan.

1. Dr Keller/Sam Carter In the SGA 4th season episode Doppelganger there are several suggestive scenes. The first is just after Sam announces to the base that they are in medical quarantine. Their exchange is quite, interesting. Also at the end of the episode as each of the principles arrive at the dining hall, they all arrive individually except for Sam and Keller who arrive together. What were they doing before the dining center that the arrived together?


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Feb. 12th, 2008 11:05 pm (UTC)
Let's see if commenting on this works now...

X-Over idea:
This was originally inspired by notadate's fic These Roads Home. I posted the bunny in a comment for that fic and notadate told me to run with it, so I guess I have their blessing.
Daniel&Vala in a cargoship get lost in hyperspace and end up in the Firefly star system. Following the events of the fic referenced above they get captured by the Alliance and their ship gets impounded. It's up to Mal and the crew of Serenity to rescue them and get the ship back before the Alliance uncover the secret to hyperdrive technology and unleash a wave of Civilization over the rest of the galaxy.
Feb. 12th, 2008 11:18 pm (UTC)
Oh good, comments seem to be working on this post. I think I lost one about a month ago. I got an email that a comment had been made, but nothing was here. :-/

Semi-XOver idea:
Sarah Jane Adventures / Dr. Who (yeah, I know not really a crossover...)
again, inspired by someone else's fic (I know, I should develop some of my own ideas eventually). Inspired by the notes from justspies's fic Catharsis.
Alan Jackson is the son of Polly and Ben Jackson (former companions of the Doctor). Alan takes his daughter, Maria, to visit his parents for Christmas. Conversation of Christmas dinner takes an interesting turn after this seemingly innocent question. "So Maria," asked her Grandfather Ben, "Have you made any friends in your new neighborhood?"
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