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So, 2011... Fiction Written in 2011 (I'm listing these in the order I finished them, not necessarily the order they were first publicly posted nor the order they should be read in.
  • February
    • Dance With Me - River and Jayne share a dance and a little bit more (Early Rayne/First Kiss)
      Just a bit of fluffy early-rayne goodness.
    • Mercenary Counseling - Jayne has a problem, Mal helps. (Rayne)
      (Warning: Part of a series, see notes on fic before reading)
    • Public Relations - Jayne's job on Serenity is Public Relations, what does that entail (Jayne centered, Pre-Rayne)
      Has the distinction of containing my favorite scene I've written all year, probably in the last 10 years.
  • April
    • Batteries and TMI - A search begins, comments ensue. (Gen, Rayne overtones)
      Kaylee and batteries... There are so many places this could go, none of them good.
    • A Better Man - Josh breaks it off with Kate, Castle wants to know why (Casket)
      My only Castle fic this year.
  • November
    • Bean Soup and Love - A morality tale about the dangers of Simon's cooking (Fluffy Rayne)
      The result of asking twitter for a prompt, the evil is mine, not theirs.
    • Pitter Patter: Chapter 3 - The morning after the night before. Secrets will be told, truths revealed, and there'll be a bit of gun-play. (Rayne, et al.)
      Well that only took... 13 months to write. I hope it was worth the wait.
    • Doctor/Peri Unnamed comment fic - The Doctor and Peri meet again for the first time.
      My only attempt at a comment fic prompt this year. Probably for the best considering it took me 6 months to write this one comment fic.
    • Pitter Patter: Chapter 4 - Explanations are given, plans are made. And a mother is finally revealed. (Rayne, et al.)
      13 months, then 3 days. I would definitely say that part 3 of this story was the hardest to write.
I would also like to add that in November I participated in my first organized writing challenge, MiniNaNoWriMo. All of the fics listed as written in November were written as part of MiniNaNoWriMo, in addition I made headway on a number of other fics (some of which are just a bit of editing and a beta away from being postable). All told, I wrote about 7500 words that month. Now I know that for most of you 7500 words is called a slow Tuesday, but for me that is hands down the most productive month I've had, ever.


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Jan. 1st, 2012 01:38 am (UTC)
Yay Masterlists! I highly approve of them;) And if I haven't told you before, super congrats on meeting your November goal. Fuck everybody else - you're the only person you're competing against;)
Jan. 1st, 2012 09:40 pm (UTC)
You're awesome! And not alone in the slow plugging along. Took me 15 months to write Talon! 9 of those doing jack & shit with half a chapter left to go. Just saying. Happy new year!!
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